Journal #2

1. Benjamin heard the child sobbing.
2. The little boy had gotten his arm caught in a gumball machine.
3. The child’s tears were like a waterfall, helping to reduce his stress.
4. The sound grated against Ben’s ears, like bone on rock.
5. Who knew children could be so annoying?
6. Wait, what? What on Earth are you talking about?
7. One of these days Clark,
8. I want you to write something sensible!
9. Well I wish unicorns could breathe fire, but they don’t do that now do they!?
10. You’re nuttier than a squirrel in a jar of Nutella.
11. You’re nuttier than a plastic shovel in a condiment aisle!
12. Clark, that’s whack and you know it!
13. Well you know what’s more whack!? The-
14. Woah, woah, hey, this is a sensible story-poem! Leave it at the door!
15. What door? The big, metal one?
16. Seriously Clark, you wouldn’t find all the screws you have loose with a metal detector.
17. Hey, my Pop used to say that to me!
18. Socrates himself.
19. I can’t stop thinking about how often you compare the two of us.
20. Yeah, yeah, don’t break your arm.
21. Well I sure hope I don’t. I’ve only got.. Wait. Arm, arm.. Arm..
22. Oh, can it Pocket.
23. Just as dragon unicorns end their foes, so too does the Sun end the day in fiery oranges and bloody reds.
24. Poetic. Now come on and buy me dinner.

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